Frequently asked questions about our services

1. What is cottonTracks?

cottonTracks is a browser extension for Google Chrome & Opera 15+. Once installed, it aggregates the content you browse and organizes it according to your behavior. Each group of content is called a story and it represents a subject you browsed with attention. For example, if you search the terms "Metroid Prime", read 3 articles and watch 2 videos around this subject, a story "Metroid Prime" will be automatically created and it will contain all the content you experienced during that particular research.

2. What can I do with cottonTracks?

cottonTracks is essentially a smarter history, it does not just collect stuff, it defines what is important to keep and organizes it for you automatically. Over time, its powerful features should make bookmarking and the browser history things of the past.

Our app is very handy when you research for a school paper or a professional presentation because it removes the hassle of collecting documents manually. You can actually leverage sessions from the past because we parse information from your history before installing cottonTracks.

3. Why don’t I see a lot of pictures in my stories?

We don’t want to send your history on a server in order to protect your privacy. For all the content we find that predates the installation, we can only work with the title of the page and the url. However, if you browse some of the pages you find in those stories, the content will be updated upon refreshing the app. After installing cottonTracks, we analyse in real-time the content you see so the best images, videos, articles and maps you have seen will be recorded for you automatically and consistently.

4. What about my data?

All the content collected by the extension stays on your machine. Our technology entirely deploys itself within the browser to make sure your data is safe. At the moment, the only data cottonTracks, Inc. collects are aggregate, high-level (visits, page views, number of article collected, …etc.) usage data via Google Analytics. You do not need to provide personal data in order to use the service. We never ask for your name, email or the age of your dog.

5. How does cottonTracks, Inc., the company behind cottonTracks makes money?

cottonTracks is currently a free product and we do not monetize our service yet. If this changes in the future, you will be notified via the extension.

6. How can I help the development of cottonTracks?

Please send us an email at or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or AngelList.