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Our mission is to build the best web navigation experience in the universe. In the physical world, you might complain to larger entities about problems you can’t fix yourself (government, weather,...etc.) while on the web we all have the power to make things better. It does not matter where you come from or what you look like. The only limit is your imagination.

We reduce the distance between you and your insights

We be believe that the browser is the most important piece of software in your life right now and that making its experience dramatically better will deliver exponential returns for all of us. We support your creativity by understanding what are your influences are and making them more accessible. We improve your productivity by closely recording your insights as they grow.

We will make it happen. Whatever it takes!

Our adventure began in 2011 as a dorm room project in Paris (HEC and Telecom ParisTech) and has been since developed across four continents by our incredible team. We recently graduated from Start-Up Chile, one of LatAm's most iconic accelerator after 6 months spent in Santiago.

Our team

Hadrien Raffalli Photo

Hadrien Raffalli


Raphaël Moutard Photo

Raphaël Moutard


Raphaël Korach Photo

Raphaël Korach

Lead Engineer

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Julien Deveaux


Several institutions and rising venture capital funds have joined us to make cottonTracks a success:

Start-Up Chile Corfo Naranya*Labs NXTP.Labs

cottonTracks has also been covered by leading tech publications:

CNET Lifehacker The Next Web

Our technological partner:

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